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Team Building via Silega's Business Simulations


Team building that lasts beyond the event

Aligned and productive teams don't happen by chance. They require the right mix of skills from leaders and team members alike. Silega uses an experiential team-building model to simulate the various stages that teams go through to achieve successful outcomes.

Our objective is to maximize the effectiveness of both the team and the individual within the workplace through memorable indoor team-building events.


Through our simulations, participants realize how a team can co-operate to achieve more than the sum total of its individuals. Typical applications include:

Team alignment and awareness of a common purpose

Improved team meetings and communication

Increased trust and resolved issues or conflicts

Interdepartmental alignment and optimized supply chain

Better project management

Change management, mergers, and acquisitions

Innovation initiatives

Leadership development

Lean management, quality initiatives, and a culture of constant improvement

Customer service

Technical Details

PARTICIPANTS: 10 to 1000

MANAGEMENT LEVEL: Entire company, functional areas



  • Productivity improved by 17% in six months and up to 30% in eighteen months
  • Increased accountability and responsibility of all areas within the organization
  • Effective workload delegation and increased flexibility in task assignments
  • Prompt response to technological change
  • Develop earlier warning signs of potential problems
  • Reduced "silo" thinking, greater interdepartmental integration





A better kind of team building

We guarantee the success of our programs!

Team Building process

Isn’t team-building just an excuse to get out of the office for the day on company expense? Or is a team building the place where conflicts explode and things get ugly?

Not anymore! Effectively chosen, planned, organized, and facilitated team-building events such as those offered by Silega are not only fun but can also positively enhance the future success of your business or organization.

Recent Silega team-building customers include:

  • An R&D team from one of the largest pharmaceutical companies
  • A customer service improvement initiative for a consumer products company
  • An HR department that provides support to other departments
  • A health care organization that wanted to improve the delivery of quality patient care
  • A project management team for a large software development company
  • A manufacturing company that wanted to reduce costs and eliminate waste
  • A global operations team that aimed to improve communication with partners around the world



Team Compass – our proprietary model

Successful teams have five common characteristics:

  • Purpose
  • Roles
  • Communication
  • Processes
  • Trust


Team Compass is a team assessment that will help you measure your team characteristics, create awareness, and define specific areas for improvement.

Maximizing your (ROI)

Cost-effective team building events based on business simulations can lead to long-lasting behavioral change. This is the only way to deliver a measurable return on your investment, and is aligned with the demands of corporate clients around the world.

Our Experiential Learning System (ELS) can lead to up to four times higher retention.


Whether your event is for 20 or 200, we’ll take care of everything. Through our simple process we get to know you and your goals. Then we choose our best people, who will go above and beyond to ensure that your team-building activity goes off without a hitch.

Our professional facilitators set us apart

Silega’s facilitators are chosen because they have the ability to be supportive and foster connections both with and between those around them. They understand that team building is not merely about having a “feel-good” moment during the team building activity; it’s about having that moment, building that bond, and maintaining it beyond the team-building event.


Guaranteed ROI - a better kind of team building*

*Four times higher retention than conventional training methods


Short interventions, from 2.5 hours to 5 hours for a complete session (could be extended to a full day)

Manage large groups – up to 1,000 participants in the same room at the same time

Works in small teams of 4 to 7 participants

Based on Experiential Learning which keeps people engaged the whole time

Different types of group interaction – competitive or cooperative, depending on your need

Participants generate specific commitments to meet after the session

Trainings are customized to your organizational needs

Proven track record with more than 10 years on the market and a presence in 30+ countries

Free support with communication before and during the event

Free support with logistics

Completely mobile - can be delivered at any venue

Safe - provides group interaction based on mental faculties rather than physical strength and stamina

Support with event themes (clothing, accessories, decorations)

Lowest cost per participant

Online follow-up with participants

Additional optional learning sessions after the main event

Repeated customers – 86% of our events are for repeat customers

Referrals – more than 94% of customers would recommend us