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Training Transfer
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Silega can help you obtain the maximum return on your investment in people. The ultimate goal of training is influencing performance. Training Transfer solutions increases the degree to which participants successfully apply in their jobs the skills gained in the training room.

 Schema without training transferSchema with training  transfer

Figure 1: Without training transfer

Figure 2: With training transfer


Some of our Training Transfer solutions:


Power BoostPower Boost™ is a solution that makes training more impacting, fun and memorable. For example :

Engagement – Warm-up and brief employees before the training session to keep their interest

Additional follow-up sessions with all participants to increase the impact of training

Additional follow-up sessions with managers

Extended manuals and workbooks

(Our programs have extended manuals and workbooks that can provide you with deeper insight on a certain subject according to your company’s needs.)

Motivational stories that you can use to create a common language in your company

Training Quality Certification (TQC)

Training Quality Audit (TQA)

Advisory BoostAdvisory Boost™ is a service that helps companies increase the retention level of training and stimulate change in employees’ behavior.

Some of the components include:

Procedures alignment - Alignment of company procedures and politics to the training goals

Targets revision – Aligning targets with training goals

Incentives revision – Modify incentives to reward goal achievement and expected behaviors

Communication support – Silega helps your organization communicate changes more effectively

Communications training

Key messages reinforcement

Organizational communication analysis

Needs assessment

ROI analysis

Audio Boost Audio Boost™ - Another innovative way to increase the effect of the raining is by using audio sessions (available on Audio CDs, DVD or MP3).

Those sessions can be a valuable part of the overall training process and can be given to participants before or after the training.

This is also a very convenient way of learning while driving or traveling.

Visual BoostVisual Boost™ - Silega provides means to enhance the impact of training by visual reminders.

The visual reminders can be placed in customers’ office and remind about the key messages from the raining and the ideas for application. Visual Boost™ tools include:

Job Aids – Replicate trainings adds at the job

Posters with key messages from the training


Desktop reminders

Process maps

Eboosteboost- Silega offers various tools to enhance the impact of the training by using cutting-edge technology like:

eLearning (Content design and deployment)

eMail reminders

eGames with the key messages from training

eVideos and eCharts (flash video animations that visualize certain process or data)