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Silega Sales Accelerator in action


General information:


Business Simulation

Number of participants:

5 to 50+


Sales staff and management, entrepreneurs


5 to 8 hours (simulation only)


Action oriented, perseverance, drive for results, listening and understanding others, presentation skills, ethics and values, customer focus, process management, priority setting

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Silega Sales Assessment™, ACE Profile™, Silega Expedition™, Silega Navigator™, Silega Care™, Silega Negotiator™, Sales coaching, Sales audit, ROI measurement


You feel positive about the outcome of a sales call when suddenly the prospect tells you your competitor’s price is 10% lower.

What would you do?

Chances are, you and your company face a reality where products or services are commoditized quickly. Clients have more information and can compare options and prices with just a few clicks. The sales process has become more complex, and more people are involved in the decision-making process.

The experience:

Silega has pioneered an unparalleled business simulation that reflects the sales process and can be adapted to different industries.

This program is based on a mathematical model and can be used by your team to simulate different sales styles: transactional, closer, hunter, problem solver, charmer, relationship builder, or consultant.

Make your own decisions and see the results in terms of revenue generated and your reputation with the customer.

Participants work in teams and follow the ten-step pipeline from prospecting to closing and growing relationships.

The Sales Accelerator™ program is designed to cover the three main dimensions of the sales profession:

1. Manage a structured process

2. Build productive relationships and communicate for influence

3. Educate and challenge customers


Main objectives:

This program is designed to provide a positive impact on company sales by:

  • Improving consistency in the prospecting process
  • Managing the pipeline efficiently
  • Increasing personal accountability
  • Maximizing the potential of existing and new key accounts
  • Improving the skills of sales people
  • Improving execution by adopting a repeatable methodology


Key lessons:

  • Manage the sales pipeline
  • Ask questions to identify problem and needs
  • Establish personal connections
  • Present and demonstrate value
  • Identify your sales person type (transactional, closer, hunter, problem solver, charmer, relationship builder, consultant)
  • Know the numbers and understand key sales ratios


Typical applications:

  • Sales training
  • Sales management training
  • Quarterly or annual meetings
  • Corporate universities



A complete solution for your sales people development








Salesforce assessment
Silega Sales Assessment™ (SSA) measures your team’s skills and knowledge in 5 competency clusters.

ACE Profile™ measures influence styles.

Sales organizational audit
The Sales Audit is systematic and objective analysis of market conditions, hiring practices, sales pipeline, organizational culture, compensation plans, and current client satisfaction. The objective is to create an action plan to improve sales performance.

Content, analogies and examples are customised through a series of questionnaires, interviews and focus groups.

Business simulation and workshop

Silega’s hands-on experiential learning programs and business simulations are designed to provide all level employees with practical and immediately applicable skills.

Silega Sales Accelerator™ - sales pipeline simulation
Silega Expedition™ - execution and account planning simulation
Silega Negotiator™ - negotiation simulation
Silega Navigator™ - strategic sales simulation

Additional training reinforcement

The training session is conducted using the principles of experiential learning. Some topics include:

  • Managing the sales process
  • Prospecting and telephone skills
  • Consultative selling
  • Negotiations
  • Sales strategies
  • Key account management
  • Sales coaching
  • Time and motivation
  • Proposals and written communication


Sales Coaching (optional)
The support and motivation of a sales coach will enable your sales force to sustain their increased performance.

ROI analysis (optional)
A credible approach to measure and document the return on investment for your top management.


Sample agenda of three days' sales training


Download Silega Sales Accelerator details in PDF format here