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Silega Process Compass in action


Processes are key assets for your company. Your customers communicate and exchange goods with your company through business processes. And those customers are becoming increasingly demanding and impatient.

General information:



Business Simulation

Number of participants:

5 to 200


All people within an organization that take an active part of a business process. Business process redesign team. Business students.


5 to 8 hours


Business acumen, customer focus, timely decision making, decision quality, managing and measuring work, organizational agility, planning, process management, managing through systems


The experience:

Participants take part of a dynamic business process. They represent competing retail companies during a period of 3 months. Each participants takes part of a process - service, operations, sales, finance or logistics.

During the activity they have to deal with uncertainty in customer demand, lack of trust and alignment between operations and the strategy, bottlenecks, increased costs and waste.

As simulation advances, the impact of those problem become more visible and they have to take corrective action and redesign the process.

Main objectives:

  • Improve productivity
  • Save costs and reduce waste
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve existing products or services
  • Eliminate silo thinking
  • Align operations with the strategy
  • Maintain consistency and improve control in processes
  • Improve communication


Key lessons:

  • Understand better process flows
  • Understand the link between people, technology and processes
  • Increase responsibility towards processes
  • Learn the role that shared information has in process improvement
  • Compare the impact of behavior and skills of people in process performance
  • Monitor and manage process
  • Define targets for optimization
  • How to reduce cost by reducing waste
  • Understand how identify and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Read process metrics
  • Distinguish between people issue or and process problem


Typical applications:

  • Corporate training
  • Corporate Universities
  • MBA programs


Download Silega Process Compass details in PDF format here