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General information:



Business Simulation

Number of participants:

4 to 500+


People from all levels and departments in the organization


4 to 5 hours


Creativity, customer focus, innovation management, perspective, problem solving, process management

The experience:

This program simulates an innovation laboratory and provides participants with a repeatable methodology for crafting and implementing profitable business ideas. It provides participants with several tools (cards activities, idea processors, and action plans) that will inspire them to generate creative ideas. Silega Innova™ takes participants on an interactive journey through the world of innovation. Together, they will discuss and explore tools and techniques that foster creativity and create the conditions for radical business change.

During the second part of the simulation participants evaluate ideas and create an action plan.

This high-impact, engaging simulation will help participants generate more profitable business ideas, discover insightful and creative ways to improve existing ideas, and create realistic implementation plans.

Main objectives:

  • Develop culture and competencies for innovation
  • Accelerate and improve the process of creating new products or developing solutions
  • Create and implement innovative business strategy
  • Respond better to consumers and improve customer experience
  • Address business issues and improve processes
  • Improve design of existing products and optimize performance and costs
  • Find replacements for existing solutions, components, materials and ingredients
  • Reduce product design and development costs
  • Improve quality and reliability


Key lessons:

  • Explore, and develop new possibilities
  • Create new connections between unrelated concepts
  • Embrace measured risk-taking?
  • Identify common barriers to creativity
  • Commit to creating value for the customer
  • Read trends and conquer new market segments
  • Integrate business strategy with the process of innovation


Typical applications:

  • Innovation and creativity training
  • Product development and product naming sessions
  • Strategic planning
  • Process improvement
  • Team development
  • Kick off conference or project
  • Executive retreat


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