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General information:


Business Simulation

Number of participants:

5 to 25


All company executives who need to be able to use coaching


8 hours


Caring about and developing others, Command skills, Emotional intelligence / Compassion, Building and managing effective teams, Peer Relationships, Motivating Others, Negotiating

The experience:

If a manager wants to become a leader, they need to become great coaches. Study shows that people are more engaged if they feel they are doing something meaningful. Coaching is about understand what drives each person, provide feedback and help them grow and connect with the strategic objectives regularly.

This highly interactive program will improve your leadership effectiveness and help you develop the skills to close performance gaps.

Participants will have the opportunity to put in practice what they learned about coaching. The simulation provides participants with tools and templates they can use in real life.

Main objectives:

  • Learn the essential skills to coach people
  • Practice how to establish expectations and evaluate issues with performance
  • Be able to identify and maximize coaching opportunities
  • Learn how to manage a coaching conversation
  • How how to use coaching questions
  • Become a change agent in your organization


Key lessons:

This practical session will provide participants with a specific actionable techniques for coaching others.

  • Discover the advantages of helping others grow and develop relationships of trust.
  • Explore the learning cycle and what facilitates moments of insight and feedback
  • Learn what is the difference between fixed and growth mindset is and how to develop the latter
  • Discover how grit and self-control drive results
  • Identify common self-limiting behaviors and ways to deal with them
  • Learn a powerful model that can help you change your habits by analyzing cue and reward
  • Discover how their fears and needs influence their emotions and behavior
  • Identify areas for improvement and establish a change vision


Typical applications:

  • Leadership training
  • Coaching certification
  • MBA programs


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