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SILEGA INSTITUTE - Sales Performance Certificate

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Introduced in 2013, our Certification Program ensures a consistent, high-quality experience for all individuals and organizations that engage in people development. The primary goal of the Certification Program is to provide practitioners with the knowledge and practice necessary to successfully create organizational and leadership transformation using Silega’s unique Experiential Learning System. The Certification Program is a critical lever for maximizing career opportunities and enhancing business results in more than 35 countries.


Why Silega Institute of Sales and Marketing?

Silega sales certificates - key features

11% of the workforce is directly employed in sales. Just in the USA, more than 17 million people make their living each day by convincing someone to buy something. How many of those work for your competition?

Customer loyalty depends more on the salesperson than on brand, service, and price combined. Even if you have a high rate of repeat business, a constant flow of new customers is critical. Your salespeople need a proven formula that will guarantee continuous prospecting, following up, and closing deals.

Busy salespeople hate to read and to attend lengthy training sessions. That’s why Silega offers an experiential methodology with interventions as short as four hours and a global certificate valid in more than 35 countries.

Based on an extensive study of numerous sales practices across multiple cultures, Silega’s Sales Certificate helps you dramatically improve results while selling complex, challenging solutions in tough economic times.

When delivering the Sales Performance Certificate, Silega works in three main directions:

  1. Sales as a structured scientific process and a numbers game
  2. Sales as building relations, managing a psychological process, and a game of influence
  3. The salesperson as an educator who teaches customers and challenges their insights


The three strategic objectives for your company when using the Sales Performance Certificate are typically:

  1. Increase sales revenue
  2. Optimize sales performance
  3. Improve existing sales talent

Silega sales certificates - key modules
  • Success for new salespeople
  • Consultative selling principles
  • Sales transformation techniques
  • Territory and time management for salespeople
  • Sales presentation skills
  • Sales questioning skills
  • Sales call planning
  • Negotiating for success
  • Managing customer relations
  • Prospecting for success
  • Coaching for sales performance
  • Sales presentation skills

Main objectives:
  • Increase personal accountability
  • Develop skills for self-management and self-leadership
  • Manage resilience and denial
  • Focus on results
  • Develop skills to learn and improve quickly

Key lessons
  • Increase your productivity by utilizing effective sales techniques
  • Realize your potential by developing the technique of asking the right questions
  • Develop persuasive and thinking skills
  • Learn more efficient methods for closing the sale
  • Discover how to deal with objections
  • Avoid the pitfalls most sales professionals encounter
  • Become more customer-focused
  • Use time more wisely
  • Improve  performance


Sample agenda:
Silega sales certificates - sample agenda

  • Business Simulation / Experiential Activity
  • Content
  • Measurement tools
  • Certification

Silega offers validated assessment tools to help you adjust the learning objectives, decrease turnover and select the right person:
  • Selling Style Inventory
  • ACE Profile
  • Team Compass
  • Visibility and Credibility Assessment

Versions:  The Sales Performance Certificate can be applied and customized to different industries and needs such as B2B, retail, government, manufacturing, and services.

What is included: Business simulation, ready-to-apply methods and models, audit and questionnaires, checklists, role playing scenarios, practice sessions, and case studies.