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  • Business Simulations   ( 16 Articles )

    Business simulations present real-life business situations in a controlled environment where learners can experiment with different scenarios and see the consequences of their actions. Simulations are an active way of teaching, providing greater involvement than conventional training sessions. Participants receive immediate feedback as well as practical, easy-to-apply business ideas.

    Silega’s simulations are based on the Experiential Learning System™ model, which guarantees maximum impact and sustainable results.

    Our simulations last from four hours to two days and can simulate up to eight years of business operations. The number of participants can vary from a couple to over one thousand.

  • Executive Workshops   ( 1 Article )

    Silega’s skills workshops have a solid theoretical base and include interactive group dynamics, real case studies, and effective visual aids. Workshops last from one to five business days and can be customized to better meet customer requirements.

  • Measurement Tools   ( 1 Article )

    Silega offers measurement tools to help increase the precision of the learning intervention and improve organizational productivity. Benefits of using our measurement tools include:

    • identifying organizational issues

    • implementing best case practices

    • controlling key processes and areas

    • aligning organizational priorities

    • testing different intervention scenarios

  • Training Transfer   ( 1 Article )

    Silega can help you obtain the maximum return on your investment in people. The ultimate goal of our training is enhancing performance. Training transfer solutions increase the extent to which participants successfully apply skills gained in the training room to their jobs.

  • Coaching and Consulting   ( 2 Articles )


    Increase your leaders’ effectiveness in today’s demanding economy. Silega offers various coaching solutions to improve your company’s productivity by developing and supporting your top talent. Solutions include commitment improvement, leadership effectiveness, role change support, team alignment, and work-life balance.


    Silega offers you the option to deliver some of our business simulations and workshops internally, utilizing your own training staff. We can certify and coach your trainers on-site to ensure maximum quality and impact.

    Custom Programs

    Silega can support your strategy with custom learning solutions. Product launches, annual meetings, or corporate mergers – we have the right solution to help you align your employees, increase awareness, and create sustainable impact.


    Our team of experts can work with you to optimize learning strategies in your company. Our consulting services include:

    • Aligning company procedures and politics with training goals

    • Aligning targets with training goals

    • Needs assessment

    Employee assessment center

    • ROI analysis

    Open Events

    Silega organizes executive breakfast seminars. If you’re interested, please contact us for our consulting schedule and availability.