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Executive Development via Silega's Business Simulations


Change has always been an inevitable part of life.

In today’s business world, however, its speed and intensity have significantly increased. More than ever, an organization’s success depends on the ability of its people to learn and adapt to new challenges.

Successful business executives at all levels need to know how to make better decisions, develop and influence others, understand financial reports, communicate with impact, and create aligned teams.


Technical Details


MANAGEMENT LEVEL: Middle management, top management

LEARNING LEVEL: Skills, behavioral change

PURPOSES: Learn new skills, change behaviors, link theory with practice, test understanding, explore business dynamics, share knowledge, integrate prior learning, open a training session, close a training session




The flexibility of simulations, the variety of delivery methods, and the wide range of competencies makes Silega's simulations a perfect match for your corporate university.


Make Behaviors Stick

The Silega Traning Process is a time-proven system that guarantees effective training using the following 12 steps:


1. Needs and gap analysis - On the first encounter with your organization, our team will help you analyze current performance issues and how they impact the business as well as define potential areas for growth. Pre-workshop online questionnaires can be used as well.

2. Set expectations and define outcomes - This stage includes meeting the customer and defining crystal-clear objectives for the learning intervention. Objectives can be linked to performance both on an individual and organizational level.

3. Benchmark (current state) - Silega can measure the current performance levels of your organization, skills, and behaviors and compare them with improvements after the training.

4. Senior management engagement - Our team will actively involve your senior management in the design and delivery of the learning program.

5. Training fine-tuning - Silega customizes its programs to fit your specific organizational culture. The customization is done on various levels:

Culture (role models, language, symbols, images, and relevance)

Content (examples, relevance, case studies, terminology, and depth)

6. Engagement of participants prior to the training - Silega engages participants prior to training by creating awareness and cultivating excitement about the session.

7. Action plan creation - Silega works with the customer to create an action plan for conducting the training with excellence. This includes project stages, timelines, roles, and responsibilities. Specific commitments can also be tracked using our online system.

8. Logistics - Our team will support you with detailed checklists to guarantee that everything needed for the training will be available on site on the day of the session.

9. Training - The training session is conducted using the principles of experiential learning. Silega ensures that participants are fully engaged, group dynamics are smoothly managed, and learning makes business sense.

10. Transfer of training - The ultimate goal of training is enhancing performance. Silega offers solutions that increase the degree to which participants successfully apply skills gained in the training room to their jobs. These include tools and job aids, additional training sessions, telephone or live coaching, advice to managers, and e-learning through our training transfer system called Silega Lattitude™.

11. Benchmark (before and after comparison) - As an option, Silega can evaluate the effect of training by comparing your company performance levels before and after the session. Another option is using Silega’s Training ROI Audit™ to help you quantify the advances achieved.

12. Report - Silega can provide you with a detailed report about group attitudes, conclusions reached during the training, the facilitator’s observations, and an action plan after the training. Some of our programs include measurement tools which provide even greater reporting reliability.

INTEGRATION: Silega's business simulations can be readily integrated into the training and development

initiatives you’re already managing:

At the beginning – use simulations to assess initial levels

In the middle – use simulations to enhance the theme and complement the theory of your initiative.

At the end – use simulations to reinforce key messages.

The Power of Accelerated Learning in fast, complex and competitive business environment.

Immediate feedback

Organizational change initiative? Product launch? New service development? Managing a critical project? You don’t have to wait for months to see how these will unfold. With Silega’s simulations you can experiment with different scenarios and after only a few hours, you will be able to analyze the potential outcomes for your business.


Sustainable impact

Immediate feedback is important; however, our programs are ultimately designed to provide participants with sustainable skills that will stick. Our methodology (Experiential Learning System – ELS) guarantees that with Silega’s programs, people learn and retain four times faster than with regular classroom training.


Easy to apply to real life

Silega’s hands-on experiential learning programs and business simulations are designed to provide executives with practical and immediately applicable skills.


People are responsible for their own learning

Most training programs are “telling” programs – managers or trainers tell trainees what to do and how to do it. While this may work for specific skills, the “how-to” robotic approach is not applicable to more complex or people-related tasks. Leadership development, innovation, and customer service are only a few examples of activities that always depend on context, where following a strict “how to” policy might even be counterproductive.

Business simulations let participants focus on the ultimate outcome and experiment with the impact of different decisions.


Active and engaging

Business simulations are based on game theory – participants are presented with a quantifiable outcome and set of rules. Because they are competitive and results-oriented, simulations engage participants in a unique way. Silega’s programs are designed to be short, effective interventions – from four to five hours, so participants can stay focused the whole time.


Relevant and realistic

All of Silega’s business simulations are based on a mathematical model that represents a business process or system. The behavioral patterns of participants during a simulation are similar to those in real life, which makes analogies and analysis much more relevant.



Guaranteed ROI*

*Four times higher retention than conventional training methods


Short interventions, from 2.5 hours to 5 hours for a complete session (could be extended to a full day)

Manage large groups – up to 1,000 participants in the same room at the same time

Works in small teams of 4 to 7 participants

Based on Experiential Learning which keeps people engaged the whole time

Different types of group interaction – competitive or cooperative, depending on your need

Participants generate specific commitments to meet after the session

Trainings are customized to your organizational needs

Proven track record with more than 10 years on the market and a presence in 30+ countries

Completely mobile - can be delivered at any venue

Lowest cost per participant

Online follow-up with participants

Additional optional learning sessions after the main event

Repeat customers – 86% of our events are for repeat customers

Referrals – more than 94% of customers would recommend us