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Events via Silega's Business Simulations


Make participants say WOW!

An event is the expression of your company’s message and personality. You begin with an empty stage and you want participants to leave with a memorable and useful experience.

By leveraging our understanding of your brand and the goals of your event, we take complex information and help you deliver an engaging, relevant, and entertaining learning experience.

And after the “wow” factor of the event has worn off, we can help you maximize your ROI by following up with participants and measuring the tangible long-term effects of your investment.


Three Trends

During a corporate event, you only have a precious couple of days in which to take maximum advantage of your time and money investment.

Senior management increasingly judges the value of events by asking whether the time and resources invested in them will generate tangible, measurable results which will enhance their company’s success.

Participants have usually “seen it all” and it’s difficult to engage them in new experiences, given short attention spans and constant work-related interruptions.

These factors, combined with ever-tightening budgets, are the reality for today’s corporate events.


Technical Details

PARTICIPANTS: 20 to 1000

MANAGEMENT OPTIONS: Entire company, functional areas


USE FOR: Product launches, sales meetings, annual meetings, recognition events, incentive programs, road shows, trade shows—the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.



Make participants say WOW!

Our work-flow



Establish expectations for the session: what do you want to achieve, and what are the primary messages you want people to walk away with? Examples include working on an annual plan, improving customer service, and creating company-wide awareness.

Silega can support you in communicating the session objectives and create “buzz” through invitations and teasers.

We can support you partially or completely with logistics, from booking through participant registration and shipping materials.

Content, analogies, and examples are customized through a series of questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups.

We can support you in creating a conference room theme that’s appropriate to the topic of the simulation.

Silega can consult with you regarding the overall flow of the conference and customize the business simulation to suit the content.



This is where the magic happens. Our promise is to make participants say “wow!” during the main 3-5 hour session. Silega is fully responsible for delivery, group management, and logistics. Just sit and enjoy!

Pictures and video recording*
Quality memorabilia from your event is always a good investment.


Silega offers optional training transfer service which includes visual aids and reminders (printed or online).

Additional Sessions*
Want to focus on a specific skill or behavior? We offer a series of additional live or online learning sessions.

Measurement tools*
Want to test learning? Silega offers a set of measurement tools.

Silega’s facilitator will deliver a detailed report covering the results of the session and key observations.

* Optional service



FYI: Nine mistakes to avoid

We have seen quite few disasters at corporate events, mostly caused by lack of experience or lack of time spent planning the details. Here are a few comments on poorly managed events:

1 . Poor organization

“There was a total lack of information about what was happening; you could see many people just wandering around and not attending sessions”.

“Half of the participants arrived late for the opening because they were given wrong information about the venue”

2. Lack of support from top management

“Our Director went on stage to open the conference, and just asked us to enjoy the event but that he has “more important things to do”…”

3. Mixed messages

“Messages from different sessions were not aligned at all, and sometimes even contradictory”

4. Huge investment not justified

“We spent 5x times more on the venue and the travel than on the actual content and learning”

5. Not taking advantage of the agenda

“There were several holes in the agenda, so we had to go to the beach on company time and expense”

6. Overloaded agenda

"There were constant delays. Each area was given 15 minutes to present a report, but when they started speaking it took more than an hour”

7. People hurt or traumatized

“A provider made us walk on glowing charcoal; some people got hurt”

8. People not engaged, bored

“Sitting on a chair for 12 hours was not cool…

9. Lack of relevant business content

"A speaker tried to teach us time management by putting us in a cocktail preparation competition”



Maximizing your ROI – what can we offer?


Short interventions, from 2.5 hours to 5 hours for a complete session (could be extended to a full day)

Manage large groups – up to 1,000 participants in the same room at the same time

Works in small teams of 4 to 7 participants

Based on Experiential Learning which keeps people engaged the whole time

Different types of group interaction – competitive or cooperative, depending on your need

Participants generate specific commitments to meet after the session

Trainings are customized to your organizational needs

Proven track record with more than 10 years on the market and a presence in 30+ countries

Free support with communication before and during the event

Free support with logistics

Completely mobile - can be delivered at any venue

Safe - provides group interaction based on mental faculties rather than physical strength and stamina

Support with event themes (clothing, accessories, decorations)

Lowest cost per participant

Online follow-up with participants

Additional optional learning sessions after the main event

Repeated customers – 86% of our events are for repeat customers

Referrals – more than 94% of customers would recommend us