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Case Studies




Nestle used Silega Navigator™ to train key account managers to achieve next generation negotiations and develop win-win relationships with customers. [Download PDF]


Nokia used Silega Commander™ to accelerate a successful culture shift. [Download PDF]


Bosch used Silega Cold War™ to achieve better alignment and improve communication. [Download PDF]


Bridgestone used Silega Expedition™ to improve planning and commitment. [Download PDF]


Givaudan used Silega Commander™ to recruit next generation leaders. [Download PDF]



GrupoKaybee's heads of offices around the globe used Silega Expedition™ to plan, strategize and project targets for the short and long term. [Download PDF]



EuroKids's leadership team used Silega Expedition™ to be better prepared to meet current and future challenges. [Download PDF]



We are proud to have served hundreds of clients all over the globe. If you want to explore new possibilities to take your organization to the next level, Silega has the right solution for you. Customers choose Silega because of the business impact and relevance we deliver, our global reach which includes more than 20 countries, our extensive business experience in a variety of industries, our high level of flexibility, and the supreme quality of the materials we use.



Industry Expertise

Silega’s team has over ten years of experience within several key industries. We help you solve tough business issues using the latest technologies in order to meet your strategic business objectives and enhance your profitability.

Our integrated learning solutions can be customized to better deal with the issues that companies in your specific industry face.

We provide our clients with in-depth business expertise specific to each industry:


Automotive and Transportation

Our solutions facilitate a smoother transition for the automotive industry by solving the most complex issues. Silega's programs create urgency for needed transformation and awareness of the risks businesses face.


Banking and Financial

We help banking and financial institutions restore customer trust, improve offered services, and optimize processes in order to stay competitive.



As global competition increases, fresh business models are needed in order to grow and thrive in today’s economy. Silega can support your company in transforming culture, implementing new strategies, and increasing employee commitment.


Consumer Products

Our solutions help accelerate business growth for companies across the consumer value chain. We design, build, and operate the best solutions to optimize learning strategies for consumer companies.



We collaborate with educational institutions to increase the impact of our learning and development programs.



We deliver efficiency and higher ROI to pharmaceutical companies around the globe. Our solutions include business process reengineering, supply chain management, strategic consulting, and new product development.



Intangibles, trust, and employee competencies are crucial when selling. Common challenges include quality management and standardization, aligning people, managing risk, and creating commitment at all levels.


Government and NGO

Many new challenges confront public sector agencies today, particularly in areas of cost, technology, and personnel issues.


Electronics and Telecommunications

Silega supports companies as they innovative and meet increasing customer demands, while simultaneously improving efficiency and profitability.



Retail is all about becoming better, faster, and leaner. Silega helps you boost productivity in today’s fast-paced economy as customers demand more and expect customized goods.


Utilities and Energy

In the rapidly evolving global marketplace, utilities and energy companies have an opportunity for growth.




… your simulation helps companies become world-class

HR Director


… provides you with a lot of useful tools

VP Training


… helps you clarify ideas and increase learning impact

HR Manager

… very interactive and dynamic, helps people gain better awareness

Training Manager

… their method for learning by doing is the most effective I’ve ever seen

Training Manager

… it is fun, but at the same time provides learners with a lot of useful information

HR Manager

… makes you see the big picture and the link between different departments in the company

Operations Manager

… it surpassed our expectations, people talked about the session weeks after it was over

Sales Manager

… one of the most interactive and memorable trainings I’ve ever attended

Regional Director